Things You Need To Know before buying a Rottweiler Corgi Mix

The Rottweiler Corgi Mix is a mixed breed dog resulting from breeding the Rottweiler and Corgi. This’ll probably be a very sweet and even-tempered dog. The temperament of the Corgi dog should help offset the Rottweiler.
If you’re even been around a Corgi, you might know that they’re one of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever see. They might try and herd all in sight if the Corgi shines through.

Rottweiler Corgi Mix

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Is it more like the Rottweiler Corgi Mix?

Those are the questions we’ll try and answer below. While we recommend that you get every animal through a rescue, we understand that some people might go through a breeder to get the Rottweiler Corgi Mix puppy. That’s if they’ve any Rottweiler Corgi Mix pups for sale.


The AKC depicts Rottweiler and Corgi as working dogs who’re intelligent, playful, and loving. Rottweiler Corgi Mix inherits dog breed personalities through genetics. The main difference among the parent breeds is their physical look and personalities.
Rottweiler dogs are quiet and protective that has short double-coated coats, while Corgi dogs are vocal and friendly dogs with short-medium double-coated coats. Rottweiler Corgi Mix has a remarkable personality and appearance. They’ve a look at resembling both breeds, while their character can come from either dog breed.


The weight and height of the Rottweiler Corgi Mix can vary due to the differing sizes of the parent dogs. A Rottweiler Corgi Mix will be somewhat between 10 to 27” tall. As for the weight range of the dog, it could be anywhere from 28 to 135lbs.
These ranges are large. You can get a further estimation for any given Rottweiler Corgi Mix puppy by asking the specific weight and height of the parent breeds. The Rottweiler Corgi Mix might be much more stocky and muscular if they take after the Rottweiler parent breed.

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Coat and Colors

The coat is likely to be a medium in length and coarse and thickness and feathering will depend on which parent they resemble more closely. Potential Rottweiler Corgi Mix coat colors include:

⦁ Red
⦁ Black
⦁ Fawn
⦁ Sable
⦁ Tan

Coat markings are possible and come in rust, white, or mahogany colors.

Rottweiler Corgi Mix

Reasons to get a Rottweiler Corgi Mix dog

Rottweiler and Corgi Mix dogs are smart and affectionate dogs with a unique look.

⦁ Rottweiler Corgi Mix dogs are smart
Rottweiler Corgi Mixes served farmers as working dogs. The parent dogs have the mental capacity to perform various complex jobs such as:
⦁ Herding livestock
⦁ Hunting small critters
⦁ Guarding crops against wild animals
The Rottweiler Corgi Mix inherits its parent breeds wise nature which makes them simple to train. They can simply understand complicated commands and tricks. They’re also sensitive to stimuli, making them excellent working/herding dogs like their parents.

⦁ They have a unique look
Corgi dogs are one of the most well-known dogs due to their remarkable appearance. Their fox-like or docked tail, very short physique, and pointed ears provide them with their iconic look.
The Rottweiler Corgi Mix inherits some, if the most, of the corgi’s look. Most dogs of this mix have small pointed ears, physique, or docked tails.
Their unique appearance catches the attention of the people wherever they go. Further dog owners will love their unique yet extremely adorable look.

⦁ They Are Affectionate
They’re affectionate dogs. Rottweiler Corgi Mix simply gets attached to humans. They prefer to be with their holders and will often follow you where you go. Rottweiler Corgi Mix dogs are eager to please their owners, which drives them to learn new commands.
Their playful and sweet personality makes them wonderful pets when you’ve kids. They’re also protective yet super friendly. They’ve tolerance toward other people and animals.

Reasons to not get Rottweiler Corgi Mix dog
A Rottweiler Corgi Mix is a heavy shedding pet who frequently barks and is prone to hip dysplasia.
⦁ Rottweiler Corgi Mix dogs are heavy shredders
Rottweiler Corgi Mix dogs regularly shed to get rid of and damage hair. Their shedding cases hair to spread all over whether they move around. This is particularly the case when the dog takes after its Corgi parent.

⦁ They’re prone to hip dysplasia
Due to their bone structure, both parent breeds are prone to hip injuries, particularly hip dysplasia. The parent dog breeds suffer from a bone deformity inherited from their parents either via a dominant or recessive gene.
Rottweiler Corgi Mix also carries the issue-causing gene. They only show symptoms of hip dysplasia if the trait is dominant. Other factors, such as activities and food, can cause the Rottweiler Corgi Mix to experience hip dysplasia and other problems.

They bark a lot
Though Rottweiler dogs are quiet, Rottweiler Corgi Mix is a vocal dog. They bark to express whenever something piques their attention.

They’ll bark to show something they feel and see such:
⦁ Seeing their owner/s
⦁ Seeing moving objects
⦁ Feeling threatened
⦁ Feeling hungry
⦁ Seeing other dogs
⦁ Getting attention
⦁ Seeing small animals

Health Problems

Rottweiler Corgi Mix dogs are prone to hip, obesity, heart, eyes, blood, and kidney issues. They carry health issues causing genes in their body. They’re most prone to hip dysplasia and fat. Without the right care, workout and diet, they’ll experience health problems the same as their parent breeds.
Based on the health conditions Rottweiler Corgi Mix is at risk of the following health problems:
⦁ Cataracts
⦁ Obesity
⦁ Bladder stones
⦁ Hip Dysplasia
⦁ Hot Spots
⦁ Epilepsy


Rottweiler Corgi Mix dogs come from the union of both parent breeds. They’re smart, wise, and playful dogs that need their owner’s attention. They’ve a high tolerance toward other people and animals. They are low maintenance and just need daily brushing to maintain their color coat.
It is a wonderful great dog to have whether you live in a spacious or in an apartment. They need the right training to control their barking nature. They also need a regular workout to maintain their health and avoid several health issues.

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