Seven Major Signs That a Dog is About to Die

When a dog reaches a certain age, you know that it is just a matter of time before you’ve to say goodbye. Hopefully, your companion lives a long and full life of happiness and several games of fetch and tug-o-war.
But the reality is, any of us eventually mush part ways with our best friend. In the final times of your dog’s life, you can see signs that things are coming to a close.
If you watch carefully, you will know exactly how you can great comfort your canine and make sure that its final days are full of love and spent as comfortable as possible.
At the same moment, you’ve to prepare yourself. Losing a beloved dog is always extremely hard, but losing one unexpectedly is even harder.
The following are the seven major signs that your dog is about to die. Any of them alone is not much of an indication, but if your dog is exhibiting many of these signs, then it might be time to begin preparing for the worst.

Signs That a Dog is About to Die

Changes in Eating or Drinking

Changes in drinking and eating habits, including off appetite, might be caused by a range of problems aging dogs face, including exhaustion and nausea. This might be connected to other health issues affecting the internal organs and digestive system.
In addition to change to a pet’s water or diet intake – sometimes due to these changes – the pet might also experience other issues related to drinking and eating such as diarrhea or vomiting.
If you’ve a pet who’s particularly food-driven and suddenly loses interest in diet, this might be a serious warning symptom. Remember, however, that gastrointestinal problems are common and can be caused by numerous conditions unrelated to a pet’s body shutting down as a part of the dying procedure.
If a dog stops drinking for more than 24hrs, it’s a serious situation as they cannot live for more than 2 to 4 days without water. Consult with your pet doctor immediately in this situation.

Loss of Coordination

It’s very common for dogs to lose coordination as they reach the end of their lifespan. They mightn’t have the muscle strength they cones did, which can affect their balance. Moreover, they might have issues judging distance or suffer from less-than-stellar eyesight.
These factors can make them very clumsier than usual. Countless disorders can also cause a loss of coordination, including dehydration. If your dog is experiencing gastrointestinal signs then a loss of coordination, it’d just be that he is dehydrated.
But your pet developing more than one of these signs is worrying.

Weight Loss

Sudden weight loss is never a great sign for any pet. It can be an indication of serious problems including cancer, hormonal problems, and thyroid dysfunction.
You might know that sudden weight loss can be the outcome of a loss of appetite, which often accompanies the end of a precious life.

Seeking Comfort

Dogs might become clingier when they start approaching the end of their lives. They likely would not feel good and some pets will look to their owners for comfort. With that said, this is somewhere very rare.
Dogs still hold onto several of their instincts when it comes to the end of their life, so they might often try to hide that they are sick – even from their favorite person. Moreover, a pet that’s suffering from lethargy mightn’t have the energy to seek out comfort.
Some dogs might also hide as death nears, instead of seeking comfort. They often would not want to be around others when the dog is about to die and might look for comfort in the silence of their beds. It is not uncommon for pets to go under beds before they die and hide there.

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Difficulty Breathing

However, difficulty breathing might be associated with a medical condition that affects the lungs and slowed or uneven breathing might be a symptom of imminent death. When this is the matter, there might also be a change in heart rate.
Pets experiencing lung issues or just general difficulty with breathing might also have less desire to move around. Pets often breathe quickly in their sleep, which can be caused by several issues, including pain.
Dogs often breathe quickly in their sleep, which can be caused by many issues, including pain.

Signs That a Dog is About to Die


Your met might experience some loss of muscle control with age that can lead to twitching. Pain can also cause it, as can a few secondary issues like dehydration. Twitching by itself is not always a big sign.
Like humans, pets can twitch for almost no reason. Though, a bad twitching that causes your dog to lose his balance or twitching that lasts for a long life could be a symptom of a deeper issue. You’d speak to your pet doctor, about this issue, to rule out a treatable illness.

Lowered Body Temperature

Dogs might lose the ability to control body temperature as they age and suffer other health issues, which can make them lose body heat and have a cold temperature. Because of this, dogs who’re about to die will have lower body temp and blood pressure than usual.
Just make sure to consider the circumstances, if you’re in a colder climate, your pet might just be very cold. Either way, just be certain to monitor his temperature so you will know for sure.
You can also help your pet stay comfortable by raising his body temperature using a warm water bottle, warm blankets, and heated beds. You’d also call your vet.


Any of the crucial signs on this list seen alone is most likely an indicator of some other underlying issue, not your pet knocking on death’s door. But if you see many of these signs in tandem, then it begins to paint an image.
Always contact your vet for a pro opinion when you see these symptoms. You might have to watch closely to notice these indicators at all, but they can clue you in the fact that your time combined could be limited. So, make the best of out you do have left when you see them.

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