Rottie Dachshund Mix – Terrific Family Dog

Rottie Dachshund Mix is a unique hybrid dog created by breeding a Rottweiler with a Dachshund. It’s too early to gather relevant info on this mixed breed; nonetheless, their puppies can vary greatly in size, features, and looks, because of their odd ancestry.
Dachsweiler dog is reported to have the look of a Rottie with short legs. We might learn about its nature by studying their parent breeds.
They’re smart dogs with a lively streak. But they’re also devoted and domineering of their family. Their color is normally a bi-color mix of chocolate and black or tan or black.
Though, other shades can be seen. Their physique will be long. Just like Dachshund, yet solid like a Rottie. They’re dependable, affectionate, and agile. They make a terrific family dog if trained early in life.

Rottie Dachshund Mix

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Like any hybrid, you’ve to look to the parents to get a fine road on how they’ll likely behave. Because this is an uncommon breed, it’s hard to tell what their temperament will be like.
These are very same dogs in several respects. They were both bred to hunt and simple to train. The Weiner dog can be extremely nippy and yappy. So, you might want to watch this for kids and family.
They should get along well with other pets. They’re somewhat able of independence or alone time when the home is noisy or full.
Early socialization assists take care of any bad habits that’d develop. She responds well to any positive reinforcements, like any dog.
She should be rather very affectionate and enjoy spending a lot of time with you. Do not plan on leaving her alone for a long time. As he would do well alone, she wants to be in the pack.
The Rottie Dachshund Mix will get among 12 to 25” in height and from 27 to 100lbs. Some will have the common coloring of the Rottie such as the tan and black combination. A few will have a tan black faces and black bodies. Whereas other parts of the body might have few tan markings.
The Rottie Dachshund Mix has also been seen in cream and blue coloring. This is a shorter pet and will normally not get more than 24” in height. But can weigh not more than hundreds pounds.
Though this pet will be much bigger than Dachshund, it’ll pick up some of the colors of the Dachshund such as shorter legs and a longer body. The head will most likely be formed like Rottie. It’ll have the strength and the body of Rottie.

What Coat colors can the Rottie Dachshund Mix have?

The Rottie Dachshund Mix will have a medium to long, wiry coat and dense. It’ll have coat colors including.
⦁ Black
⦁ Black
⦁ Tan
⦁ Blue
⦁ Markings of black and tan are often seen.

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Grooming, Exercise, and Training Requirements

The one good thing about Rottie Dachshund Mix is that they do not shed that much. They’re pretty easy keepers in this department. Give them baths required. But not much that you dry out their skin!
Rottie Dachshund Mix is a high-energy dog. It is not good for anyone that’s a couch potato. Though, it really mightn’t along that well and have a difficult time moving.
Ensure this is something you understand. They’re rather mellow but want to be out doing things. The ideal way to time their aggression and tame their strength is by just burning it off them.
A tired dog is a nice dog. Never tie your pet up outside. That is cruel & not fair to him. This is a smart dog that’ll be easier to train, though, it might be stubborn.
It’s also going to want to chase something like crazy. It might fall over chasing a ball. Every dog responds best to useful reinforcement. So, ensure to praise her when Rottie Dachshund Mix does well.
She is a smart dog. Who loves to please and loves some physical challenge. The more workouts Rottie Dachshund Mix gets. The easier your dog will be trained.
Proper socialization is imperative to every pup and dog. Ensure to take her to the park and doggy day care to get her found as several dogs and people as possible.

Rottie Dachshund Mix

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Health of Rottie Dachshund Mix

Discussing the Rottie and Dachshund mix in terms of its potential health is also a difficult thing to do. As of yet, there is not enough proof to suggest particular health issues.
This leads us to look at the parental Rottie and Dachshund mix breeds. Dachshund dogs are prone to several spinal and structural problems.
It is all due to their low-dying body shape. The biggest issue they face is IVDD. Which is an inter-vertebral disc problem?
Rottie dogs generally have less of hereditary problems. Though, there’re some problems often linked to the dog breed, hip dysplasia for example.


Like any other pet dog, calorie intake must be related to factors like age and activity level. Whether your beloved animal works or not and health!
The young dogs need additional calories as do nursing mothers exceptionally active animals and working dogs. Seniors need some calories but need bio-available nutrients.
Rottie Dachshund Mix that weighs about 50 – 60 lbs needs 750 – 1200 calories or 2 to 3 cups of kibble daily divided into 2 or 3 portions.
This animal takes more after the Dachshund breed. But you can see Rottie in his build and face. Note the tan and black color and fall tail.

How much does a Rottie Dachshund Mix cost?

The cost of Rottie Dachshund Mix can range from 400 to 1500 bucks. It is entirely depending on the breeder. The Dachshund dog will run anywhere between 700 to 1600 dollars.
The Rottie ranges in cost from 700 to 1500 bucks with the average Rottweiler mix costing around 1000 dollars.


With 2 cure parents breeds to take after. The Rottie Dachshund Mix is a beautiful and gentle dog. If you devote your time to raising the rightly. You’ll have to loyal friend for life that’ll bring you joy. It makes you a better person.

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