Dog Policy United Airlines – important things you need to know

If you’re planning on traveling with your pet dog on United Airlines, you had better understand the dog policy of United Airlines. You do not want to miss a flight because your pet cannot get on with you.
So, pay close attention and take some important notes.
Here is the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to flying with your pet on United Airlines. Buckle up and ensure you pay attention to the flight attendant. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the dog policy of United Airlines.

Dog Policy United Airlines

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Pet Fees

If you’re traveling with a pet on United Airlines, you’ll have to pay $125 each way. There’s an additional $125 fee for each stopover of more than 4hrs within the US or more than 24hrs outside of America. These fees are fully non-refundable.

United Airlines in-cabin dogs policy

There’re some limitations that you’d be aware of when flying United with a pet. For instance, there’re no pets permitted to travel in-cabin if the flight is international or has a flight on premium cabins on Boeing 787, 777, 767, and 757 planes due to restricted storage space. United Airlines doesn’t let you fly in an aside or middle seat with an in-cabin pet.

Crate Requirements

Small dogs that fit in the TSA- approved kennel or carrier will be permitted to travel in-cabin below the seat in front of you. Your carrier or kennel can be soft or hard-sided. Hard-sided kennel can’t be any bigger than 17.5” long by 12” wide by 7.5” high. There’s more leeway for soft-sided carriers as they can fit easier under a seat.
The max dimension for soft-sided pet carriers is 18” by 11” wide by 11” high. United Airlines does not specify size requirements for pets. Your pet should be able to stand-up and turn around easily in its kennel.
If you are not sure whether your kennel meets TSA standards, contact United Airlines. Dogs can’t fly with an unaccompanied minor or on a separate flight with their dog parent. Evert ticket is valid for 1 pet only. Your pet must stay below the seat in front of you and inside their carrier at all times.

Documentation and Health Requirements

To fly in-cabin on United Airlines, your dog will need to be at least 4 months old. If your pet is too big to fly in-cabin, they’ll have to fly through United Airlines Pet Safe program. The dog policy of United Airlines needs all dogs to have a health certificate and proof of rabies vaccination from their dog health care provider.
Make sure your pet is vaccinated against rabies well in advance, as they would not be able to travel for one month after their last rabies shot. If you are not sure about vaccination, or health documentation, contact your vet for advice.

Dog Policy United Airlines

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Carry-on Policy for Small Dogs at United Airlines

You can carry your small pet with you in the cabin assuming you’ve the appropriate carrier. Below are the needs for taking a small pet in the cabin on your next flight.

⦁ Advanced reservations for in-cabin animals are required.
⦁ The carrier must be leak proof and well maintained and can be hard-sided or soft-sided.
⦁ It’ll count as one carry-on and your dog fees still apply.
⦁ You might have only one dog in the carrier and it must be able to stand up, turn around, and lay down smoothly.
⦁ Hard-sided crates can’t exceed the following size limitations
⦁ Dogs must stay in the carrier while at the gate and throughout the flight.

Dog poly of United Airlines needs that pet or dog stays in the carry-on kennel and below the seat in front of you for the duration of the flight.

United Airlines Pet Policy for Hawaii

If you’re traveling to Hawaii you can’t carry your pet in the cabin. You can check pet with a suitcase, but you’ll need to connect via Honolulu and follow strict quarantine rules. You also can’t travel with your pet to Hawaii if she’s pregnant and past 45-days question. These are Hawaii-specific regulations that United is needed to abide by.
On every flight, United Airlines will not let more than six kennels. These reservations fill up on a first-come basis. So, make your reservations early. On the day of your flight, if you’re checking your pet with baggage, then you have to bring the pet to the airport in an approved crate.
To check your pet, proceed to the ticket counter and pay the dog there before going through security and going to your departure gate.

Service Dogs on United Airlines

All regulations are changed when your pet is a service animal. For those of you that have legitimate service dogs, here’s what the united site says:
Trained service dogs are accepted in United Airlines aircraft cabins when accompanying qualified individuals with disabilities.
Starting in Mar 2018, United Airlines needs, in addition to the letter from your licensed mental/medical professional, all of the similar veterinary documentation as other pet owners are required to provide.

Exemptions and Other Considerations

When you are traveling with a pet on United Airlines, you are permitted to provide water, food, and a few added extras. You can attach up to sixteen ounces of food and drip style water bowl to your pet’s crate.
Your pet would not able to travel with bones, toys, or medication, but blackest, less than 3” thick are permitted. You will find a full list of what is permitted on United Airlines’ official website. The same laws regarding therapy, service, and emotional support animals apply to international travel.
Though, certain states need different papers, so you should contact the relevant embassy before booking. Some exceptions also implant to state department and military personnel on assignment.
United Airlines offers special handling for GOVT workers so they do not have to book through an IPATA 3rd party shipping company. They can also avail themselves of Quick Pak service to speed up check-in times.

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