Doberman Mix Rottweiler – Sturdy, Powerful and Hardy Dog

Need a sturdy, powerful, and hardy dog?

Doberman Mix Rottweiler is just the ideal option for you. These are easygoing dogs with gorgeous faces and intense brown eyes. It’s a mighty alpha breed that has an elegantly structured body with strong looks.
Having the best of both of the worlds – Doberman Mix Rottweiler (Rotterman) is a wonderful package.
Rotterman dog is a perfect option for those who want to own a wonderful hybrid dog and has large enough space for the pet along with enough available time. Though, bear in mind that it’s not a choice for new dog owners as they can be a little difficult to handle.
In this article, we shall discuss the Doberman Mix Rottweiler and its attributes so you can decide whether it is the correct option for you and your family. Here is what you need to know about this wonderful Rotterman.

Doberman Mix Rottweiler

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The Rotterman has a strong guard companion look that can scare away any threats or intruders. This dog breed has long legs that support its square frame. These dogs are built to run fast with a fully balanced walk and a high rate of acceleration.
The Rotterman dog’s face closely resembles that of a pet with its long snout and little eyes. Though, Rotterman dogs normally have ears that are flopped down, very much like Rottweilers.
The teeth of Doberman Mix Rottweiler are strong and meet together in a scissor bite. This dog normally has a docked tail, bit feet, and sleek black and tan coat that makes it even more beautiful.

Height and Weight

Because of their genes and ancestry, Doberman Mix Rottweiler is also quite tough and tall. Their bodies are well and heavy muscled.
Doberman Mix Rottweiler can weigh from 30 – 60kgs, whereas it can be as tall as 58 – 63cm.

Coat, Eye, & Nose Colors

Just like its parent dogs, the Doberman Mix Rottweiler can only come in a single color: black and tan. Rotterman coat is short and super smooth across its full body. Your dog will have a dominantly black fur coat with tan markings on its muzzle eyebrows, legs, paws, and chest.
Rotterman can have either amber or brown eyes. Their eyes can appear to be black and you’ll see the light brown colors under natural light. The Rotterman also has a jet-back nose and black lips.


The Doberman Mix Rottweiler is a smart dog, very energetic confident, and bold dog. This could be an aggressive breed. These are not nice dogs for couch potatoes, so if you are not an active owner, I’d recommend finding something else to keep you company and have as a pet.
They’re extremely loyal and affectionate to their holder and family and protective when the need arises. They need consistent, firm leadership and respond well to positive reinforcement. He loves company and being with people and doesn’t love to be left alone for too long.


When it comes to obedience, dog listens and they learn. You’d work with a trainer to assist you if you need it, but most of the time these are pets that will learn almost entirely based on the owner’s actions.
That provides you an immense sense of power and control over any situation, meaning that you’d feel pretty confident about retaining your command over the pet as time goes on. If you want to retain dominance and power, then a Doberman Mix Rottweiler is perfectly trained to listen to you.

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If you’re the outdoorsy type, Doberman Mix Rottweiler is the right match for you. They’re muscular, strong species that need at least thirty minutes to 1-hour daily workouts. Take them out for fun, a long walk around the park, or even a dip in the pool, and your dog would be happier for it.
Having enough backyard room is perfect but small apartment living can be possibly provided you take your dog out for some needed workout to stay healthy and trim.

Doberman Mix Rottweiler

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Since we are already talking about the pet, you might wonder about grooming needs. Luckily, neither the Doberman nor the Rottweiler is known to be big shedders, the Rotterman dog has a medium-length and sleek appearance that usually just needs weekly brushings. Prepare for heavy shedding couples time a year.
A nice dog brush will suffice and keep your dog happy. I’ve found the Rottweiler coat to be quite a little thicker than the Doberman and my Rottweiler dog is certa8inly built for more the cold than heat. That being said, a few sites score the Doberman Mix Rottweiler more on the water or balanced area in terms of temperature tolerance and each individual is different.
Other than that, there is not much to do with their coats. Bathe as required but it is advisable try to avoid it due to the bathing procedure stripping all the oils from your pet’s body.


A Doberman Mix Rottweiler is a resilient and sturdy dog. Though, they’re at an increased risk of suffering from certain problems during their lifespan. Unfortunately, parent breeds can pass their medical history on to their offspring. Possible health issues are:

⦁ Eye diseases such as ectropion
⦁ Gastric torsion
⦁ Hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia
⦁ Bone cancer (Osteosarcoma)
⦁ Congenital heart disease


When it comes to feeding your dog, you will need to feed the puppy 1.5 cups or 0.5 pounds and the adult around three cups or one pound of food a day. It is right to space out their diet into 2 to 3 meals a day to avoid bloating and choking. You’d feed your Doberman Mix Rottweiler dog diet that’s formulated for the giant or big dogs.


Doberman Mix Rottweiler dogs are the best option for all the dog lovers out there who’re willing to Pitt additional effort into training them. People who’ve never had a dog are advised to avoid adopting a Doberman Mix Rottweiler until they gain experience as a owner. Rightly trainer Rotterman’s dog can be one of the best home dogs for any pet lover.

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