Black lab mix with Rottweiler – Stunning Family Dog

The Black lab mix with Rottweiler have taken the pet world by storm. These excitable pups are not for the 1st time dog owner given their hyperactive and stubborn nature.
Despite that these pups do fit into most households. As long as you’re willing to put in the time to provide the workout, they can excel anywhere.

Black lab mix with Rottweiler

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Like with any other mixed dog breed, it is hard to say what a Black lab mix with Rottweiler will look like. One thing is for sure, though, no 2 labs are the same!
Most Rottadors are made like a Rottweiler. Though, inherit the head form, long nozzle, and floppy ears from their lab parents. Their bodies are almost well-muscles and ooze power and strength.
However, there is also a chance that your mixed dog will seem like their Rottweiler parent, but inherit the lab’s build and body. Mixed dog breeds are always full of surprises and this hybrid is no exception!
Keeping that in the head, there’re some things you can expect to see in your pup, mainly when it comes to coat, size, and color.


The typical size of one of these pups is anywhere from 24 to 27” in height, with a weight of around 70 to 115 pounds.
Bear in mind those dogs with more lab will be on the smaller side, whilst those with more Rottweiler are on the heavier side

Coat and Colors

These pooches come in a handful of darker colors including black, brown, gray, or black and tan. A tan and black coat like that of a Rottweiler is very common and the short to the medium-length coat of a Black lab mix with Rottweiler should be smooth to the touch.
Because they’ve a double coat, these pooches shed quite a bit. To keep up with shedding you’d expect to brush each day or at the very least, weekly to keep the coat healthy and fit.


Labradors have a great history as faithful retriever pets, whereas Rottweiler dogs have an equally proud history as guard pooch. Labradors are generally very friendly and are bred specifically for the job of returning the hunted game to their owners.
A bred for this purpose required to be comfortable around any kind of people. Rottweiler dogs, in their guarding capacity, have been bred in a way that a fearful and distrusting attitude towards strangers persons.
After all, a guard pooch, which is happy to greet strangers, is not much use in protecting your property or livestock. But does this affect your dog? Well, the issue is, you would not know until they are older.

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The training of the Black lab mix with Rottweiler is extremely vital. They’re a headstrong breed that needs a firm yet loving hand in their regular training. The Rottweiler is a very serious alpha male dog people say that they’ve a power struggle almost every day.
It’s not anything serious it is just small steps across the line of insubordination. Then when they’re done they just saunter back over the line and act as if they did not do anything most of the time.
So when training ensures they follow through with your commands, never stop in your command. Otherwise, you’ve allowed them to become alpha of the pack even at a young age. When training makes it incredibly fun! Offer plenty of time to play with your favorite toy in between training.

Black lab mix with Rottweiler

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Grooming and Shedding

Because of their small coat, these pooches don’t need regular trips to the groomers or regular brushing. However, they do need to be brushed any other day or so. Regular bathing is also not essential for these pups. You can provide them a bath ju7st when they look or smell like they need it.
Several baths can dry out their fur and cause skin irritation. To remove dead skin and hair also use a wet washcloth and wipe it over the body!


A Black lab and Rottweiler Mix is one sturdy hybrid pet. Though, it’ll sti8ll be susceptible to the health issues that affect big pooches, like bloat, allergies, ear infections, bone cancer, eye problems, epilepsy, obesity, and hip dysplasia.
The owner should be particularly concerned about the hip dysphasia problem as both parent dogs suffer from it. Due to this, the hip doesn’t develop rightly. This’ll outcome in the gradual deterioration of the bone when left untreated and could cause the dog’s hip joint to lose function.
Another thing you’d watch out for is workout-include collapse, something that’s seen in Labradors. It causes labs who’re in the mid of physical workout activity to suddenly collapse. The condition has also been connected to a gene so it is inherited. Bring your pet to the doctor if this occurs, even if it happened only once.

You’d also watch out for some conditions like:

⦁ Cold tail
⦁ Acute moist dermatitis
⦁ Hypothyroidism
⦁ Myopathy


A perfect Black lab and Rottweiler Mix diet should be formulated for a big dog with high energy. They’ve a tendency to gain weight if they are overfed, so you’d stick to a regular feeding schedule and not leave diet out during the day. Limit their amount of treats, also.
As with any dog, the feed needs will change from puppyhood to adulthood and will continue to change into their senior ages. You’d ask your pet doctor for recommendations about your Black lab and Rottweiler Mix diet, as there’s way too much variation among individual pooches – including weight, health, and energy – to make a specific recommendation.


The Black lab and Rottweiler Mix do great in most households and are extremely adaptable pups. They do great in homes with active owners and old kids. Though because of their sometimes stubborn nature and how huge they’re these pooches are not recommended for 1st-time owners
Black lab and Rottweiler Mix are loveable, loyal, and playful balls of energy. They need proper physical stimulation to keep in good shape and from becoming destructive. All in all, they’re a fairly easy dog breed to take care of. The main thing to worry about is how huge they grow, and ensure they get enough workouts and socialization.

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